Why should anyone listen to two feminist lesbians about trans anything?

We’re female. Females are 50% of the human population. Our concerns come from a specifically female point of view (not a libertarian or a trans-centered one). Our arguments stress the need for sex-segregated spaces. We believe that females have a right to these spaces, free from males. When cross-dressing males, who have not sought medical treatment and/or who do not intend to transition, demand access to sex-segregated spaces on the vague basis of a feminine ‘gender identity,’ that is an infringement on our rights. So this is not a hate-mongering, ignorant, or disingenuous attempt to deny trans people anything. We seek to protect women’s right to sex-segregated spaces free from non-trans males.

2 Comments on “Why should anyone listen to two feminist lesbians about trans anything?”

  1. LeeAlani says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂

  2. LeeAlani says:

    Women most definitely should have a voice in this matter, not only because of men being given access to women’s spaces, but also because these broad definitions of gender indentity and expression remove the obvious defintion of male/female–penis/vagina to stereotypical roles, which are predominately imposed by men upon women to begin with. So, it is critical for women to have a say in these matters, and I greatly appreciate those who do speak their mind on this topic.

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